28COE Partners

At the heart of 28COE’s dynamism lies ‘The 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur.’ As a thriving organization deeply rooted in the global community, our journey is fortified by invaluable partnerships. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our distinguished Partners, whose unwavering support propels us forward. Your contributions fuel our mission to empower entrepreneurs worldwide.

These partnerships symbolize the collaborative spirit that defines 28COE, nurturing innovation, knowledge exchange, and growth. Each partner embodies a shared commitment to fostering entrepreneurial excellence. Through their expertise, resources, and shared vision, we collectively forge pathways to success.

To our Partners, your dedication empowers us to make a lasting impact. Together, we champion entrepreneurship and pave the way for transformative change. As we celebrate these alliances, we anticipate an even brighter future, brimming with possibility and achievement.

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