28 Credentials Of Entrepreneurs

Devesh Chawla

Devesh Chawla, Founder & CEO of Chatur Ideas, is an ingenious strategist, a mentor, an investor, TEDx Speaker, an efficient leader and to sum it all, an all-rounder. A highly sought after speaker and yet a very good listener. He is known and highly regarded for his brisk planning and execution. He is deeply committed …

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Chidi Nwaogu

Quote: “Everybody’s story is different, and what might seem effortless for them today, might have taken them several years to achieve. The truth is that you didn’t get to witness those painful years. Only them and maybe some of their closest circle did. Whenever people’s success makes you depressed, remember that you are on your …

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Nolan Pillay

Nolan Pillay is the brilliant and dynamic founder of South Africa’s first ever trademarked self-development programme: Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™ running under the company StraightTalkWithNolan. Rivalling the likes of similar international programs that have flooded the country, Nolan’s life-altering system has more than just one homegrown advantage to offer. A born South African, …

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