28COE Establishes its Presence in Ghana

28COE establishes its presence in Ghana

Twenty-eight Credentials of Entrepreneur (28COE), an international entrepreneurial platform, has established its presence in the country to support the development of business acumen.

The initiative, with presence in 85 countries, was founded in 2018 in Malaysia by Bilal Ahmad Bhat for the enhancement of the world’s entrepreneurial front to strengthen economic growth.

A Global Ghanaian Chamber has been established and would be launched in Accra next week, and the CEO and six other leaders were on Saturday installed development leaders of the Tsrukpe Tota Community in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region.

The Community had conferred the revered honour during a colourful ceremony to celebrate their daughter, Rev. Dr. Victoria Esinu Vitashie, President and Founder of Divine Outreach Ministry International at Westline Meridian Limited, and who is the West Africa Representative of the 28COE.

The event brought together traditional and political leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the country.

The leaders of the 28COE, among who were three women, were taken through various rites of instalment, and which included oaths and adornments in royal regalia.

Dr. Vitashie, who was given the stool name Mamaga Doenyeame Nuku, said 28COE carried a wide-reaching portfolio for business and entrepreneurial support that would benefit all including startups and aspiring millennials.

She expressed appreciation on behalf of the group to the community for the honour, and noted the strong connection to traditional leadership in the pursuit of the mandate.

“We are the first organization that acknowledges the role of chiefs,” Dr. Vitashie said while assuring local communities of sustained partnerships for development.

She mentioned a private international healthcare initiative that held a free health screening at the event, and which sought to establish a hospital in the remote enclave.

“28 Credentials factors in all who are entrepreneurs. We leverage, network and brand entrepreneurs and we support them to ensure development. We help package and enhance businesses, and we teach business sustainability,” she added.

The Representative spoke also of the organization’s educational support programmes, which she said included foreign scholarships and exchange programmes.

28COE is partnering with Universities to upgrade entrepreneurs, and a business summit would be held from November 03 to 04 at the National Theatre in Accra, with the Minority Leader of the Parliament of Belize as guest speaker.

The launch of the Global Chamber would follow on November 06 at the Accra Marriott Hotel as the highlight of an awards night that would have the Ga Mantse as guest of honour.

About 30 multinationals would be awarded for their efforts in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and a book on 28 core values of the entrepreneur would also be launched.

The founder, given the title Togbega Dortor, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) 28COE was established to advance along the lines of the sustainable development goals, and that “achieving those is central to our core mission and mission for life in all its fullness for every human being.

“We want to be the largest and number one platform of help for people,” he said, floating the prospect of building a network of 10,000 entrepreneurs by 2030.

Mr. Bhat mentioned the provision 90 Day MBE (Master of Business Entrepreneurship) and other long and short courses, as well as coaching and mentoring programs, and said 28COE also undertook case studies, with one on divorces upcoming as part of women support programming.

A platform called Go Daughters is in the making for women aged three upwards, and which would herald the formation of several organizations for the upliftment of women.

An “Admission” platform is also available for students to network and encourage success, and facilitates cross country study programs.

Book publications features inputs from the over 1200 entrepreneurs from about 90 countries, and are resource outlets for budding and wannabes.

speaking on outlooks for the nation, he said “Ghana has lots of fertile land, growing communities and advancing people, and we are looking for people to form part of the 28.

“28 will help promote sustainable living and climate consciousness. The platform will help improve the economy of Ghana through enhanced entrepreneurship”.

Bilal has founded 25 companies under the 28COE.

The Ghana chamber would be headquartered in Accra, and would be extended to all regions.

Dr. Prince Kofi Kludjeson, Chairman of KIL, and President of the Volta Development Forum (VDF), told the GNA such platform was timely to support the nation’s entrepreneur and was hopeful it could facilitate efforts to revitalize the economy.

28COE establishes its presence in Ghana

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