AdMission- Choose The Best

AdMission- Choose The Best

AdMission was founded in 2001 with the mission to be the international education platform to bridge colleges, students, and education agents. AdMission is a leading Malaysian-based education counseling organization. With over 21 years of experience working closely with Malaysian universities, Colleges, and Institutions it is a reliable source of advice and assistance for a vast network of international students who wish to pursue higher education in Malaysia.

A Platform That Helps Growth of Your Career-

As the only education agency in Malaysia that offers multiple verticals for the students helps to Unleash your full potential to bring your ideas to life.

We Provide Hassle-Free Service- 

We are fully committed to providing high-level and personal support in every step of your international education journey.

We support students as they make their way to prestigious universities all throughout Malaysia. We provide access to outstanding instruction and profoundly fulfilling experiences. We believe that we provide the best and most individualised service out there. We want to do things your way.


Our goal is to give students the guidance and support they need to make educated decisions about their futures and educational options. We offer comprehensive support to all students for a truly rewarding international experience while studying and living in Malaysia, including education counselling, university application, visa advice, student housing, language preparation, career and soft skills development, internship opportunities, etc. In the same manner that we are fortunate to benefit from students’ talents, we are passionate about fostering students’ potential.


Teach & Nurture Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship,Enabling people resources through “Entrepreneurship & Employability “ Save & Serve Humanity” without any prejudice.

Why Choose AdMission

We offer a First-Class Service Environment in many verticals

The Only International Platform With Multiple Services
Give your child the unique opportunity to study with curricula that consistently rank among the highest in the world for education and be a part of our

Students Empowerment

Empowering a student is beneficial for numerous reasons. Not only are you helping to shape the workforce of the future, but you are also bringing the most recent training, skills, and approaches to your place of employment.


The Student Empowerment Center “SEC” creates possibilities for the varied student body of the university by preventing little challenges from becoming significant roadblocks to degree completion. The SEC’s offerings have been carefully selected to help AdMission Leadership University students become qualified career professionals.

Building A Company

While you are studying AdMission can help you to create your entrepreneurial path to be ready for next-generationbusiness.


The chance to get professional job experience and explore potential career paths is greatly enhanced by internships. As a student, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill set, create a network of business contacts, and learn how to handle the many obligations that come with a career. On the other hand, the organizations that are searching for the originality and tenacity that only college students can offer benefit greatly from your energy, passion, and creativity. In today’s cutthroat job environment, a “win-win” experience is valued and anticipated.


Numerous options for part-time student jobs are available through AdMission On-campus employment offers students a useful method to make money, acquire useful work experience, and develop useful time management skills. The institution also opens doors for quick access to businesses, organizations, and partners for job opportunities for graduates.

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