Being Disciplined, by Bitupan Baruah

Being Disciplined by Bitup Baruahan
Discipline is an important factor in every achievement in life, be it professional, entrepreneurial or any achievement in personal life. To achieve a goal, we don’t have to really focus on the goal. We need to set the process, prepare steps and then be disciplined in following the process. The Goal will become a by-product.
Let’s take Fitness for example. More than 90% people who start a weight loss resolution ultimately fail. What’s the reason? Why there’s such a big failure rate in fitness? It’s not lack of effort, it’s not lack of motivation but rather it’s the lack of discipline. Being disciplined is what is needed to achieve fitness goals. Losing weight is a by-product of being disciplined in Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle.Discipline is a mental game. What’s seen on the outside behavior is just a reflection of a disciplined mind. If the mind wants to be disciplined then our work, our behavior and our habits will automatically become disciplined which will ultimately lead to desirable result.

So the question is, how important is discipline in entrepreneurial success? The answer is, it is very important. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that it is the topmost requirement of an entrepreneur. Being disciplined means doing work in an organized way which saves lot of time of an entrepreneur by avoiding unnecessary activities. Needless to say, Time is Money. Being disciplined increases productivity. It increases efficiency.
The question is, how to inculcate discipline in life? Well, as mentioned earlier it is a mental game. The mind has to be disciplined first. It comes with practice. Practice being disciplined and you will become disciplined. Discipline is the bridge between Goals and Accomplishments.

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