Danny Lim
Registered Accountant with Malaysian Institute of Accountants

Certified Practising Accountant with CPA Australia Danny completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in Accounting and Finance) at University of Western Australia in year 1996. He joined Deloitte Kassim Chan since year 1996, achieved CPA Australia membership status 3 years later and became a Chartered Accountant with Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in year 2001. Thereafter, he served in various accounting and finance
positions for more than 20 years with private sector companies involved in logistics, manufacturing, trading, management consulting and oil and gas sector. As an approved GST agent with Ministry of Finance in year 2014, he managed a GST consulting & training business and conducted more than 30 public GST seminars for several chambers of commerce and business associations, magazine publisher, accounting firms as well as providing in-house training workshop for GST registered businesses. The training clients that he has served included Klang
Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Batu Pahat Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Taiping Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Skudai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kluang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Westport Malaysia, Allied Foodservice Equipment Sdn Bhd, SMR HR Group Sdn Bhd, Nouvelle Hotel KL, KFM Holdings
Sdn Bhd, Meca HR Group, Universal Media Publishers (M) Sdn Bhd, YME Engineering Sdn Bhd, Paramount Promenade Sdn Bhd, KSB Malaysia Pumps & Valves, Dynamic Venue Sdn Bhd and Goodman Classic (M) Sdn Bhd. With more than 20 years of combined professional accounting, auditing and taxation exposure, Danny’s expertise covers external audit, financial reporting, accounting, GST, corporate and personal tax compliance. When leading the team under his supervision during the 20 years period, he has provided clear guidance and imparted the accounting knowledge and experiences he gained to his team so as to perform better in their daily accounting and financial works. He is now a HRDF certified trainer, focusing in accounting, finance, cash flow and business acumen. His vision is to train businesses, entrepreneurs and nonaccountants to be financially savvy, an important attribute a business leader must have within their organisation. He is also a Certified IR4WRD Foundation Trainer. He has conducted several training workshops on finance for non- finance to participants
from Continental Tyres, Bina Darulaman Berhad, Vertiv (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Richworks International Sdn Bhd, JKR, Maribumi Sdn Bhd, Columia Hospital, Ultimate Copier Sdn Bhd, Parkson Credit Sdn Bhd, Koperasi Wawasan PekerjaPekerja Berhad, Pokka Pte. Ltd. Malaysia Branch, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad, Roche Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Roche Services (Asia Pacific) Sdn Bhd. The role of accountant is becoming much more complicated and demanding than ever. Expectation from bosses on the finance and accounts department is increasing and is not limited to bookkeeping or accounting. Many SME sized business owners in Malaysia may not fully understand the role of finance and accounts department. Business owner or head of department are not
provided with monthly financial statements and they end up making business decisions based on limited, outdated, unstructured and inaccurate financial data. In many cases, management reporting such as profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement is prepared yearly for audit and income tax filling purpose
only. By engaging a qualified and experienced accountant as financial controller, the business owner can enjoy huge benefits of:
1) Potential cost savings by reducing unnecessary expenses such as bad debts, interest, penalties, wastage, goods return and others
2) Profit improvement by eliminating unhealthy business unit or product line
3) Cash flow enhancement by speeding up collection and monitoring payments
4) Reduce mistakes and irregularities by designing and strengthening internal control system, company’s policy & procedures
5) Plan and align business model with updated and accurate financial information
6) Monitoring business performance using appropriate KPI model

For companies to achieve sustainable growth in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, making accurate and effective strategic business decisions is important and critical for the survival of the business.
While hiring a full time Financial Controller (FC) is simply not feasible for the majority of SME businesses looking to managing business expenditure and expedite growth, leveraging on outsourcing FC financial services allows you to gain all the benefits of having a full time FC at a fraction of the cost. FINANCIAL LITERACY TRAINING
Are you keeping the people on your team in the dark when it comes to the financial results of your company? Do they glaze over when you do “share the financial numbers”?
How can you expect the team to impact the numbers if they don’t understand them and their role in making them better? Financially literate employees have a better understanding of how their actions impact the business profitability – for the better …or for the worse. We can work with you to provide fundamental financial literacy training which won’t turn your employees into qualified accountants. Instead we can give them a solid foundation in simplified financials so that everyone in your organization is on the same page. Your team’s understanding of financial results is the key to empowering and enabling them to contribute to making the future better!


This outsourced FC financial services go beyond simple finance and accounting solutions. We deliver comprehensive insights for strategic planning. Our vast experience allows us to intuitively make plans that helps ensure that your business experiences optimal growth.

Our outsourced FC financial services cover the following key areas of financial management:

 Accounting outsourcing and financial management
 Budgets & Forecasting
 Cash Flow Management
 KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Tracking and Analysis
 Financial Statement Analysis
 Working with Professionals (Auditor, Tax Consultants, Banker, Lawyer etc.)

We strive to collaborate closely with our clients in order to gain a thorough understanding of their organization and provide outsourced FC financial services which are specifically tailored to suit their unique requirements. The goal of our outsourced FC financial services is to drive growth for our clients’ businesses and enable them to reach new heights.

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