Dr. EVELYN CH’NG, Principal Image Consultant, AICI CIC

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work, The Royal British University of India 2019

Rising Star Award Winner by AICI 2012

Top ASEAN IN Award Corporate (Education) Winner 2017

Asia Top 10 Image Consultant Golden Bauhinia Award 2018

Top ASEAN IN Award Personal Branding Contribution Award Winner 2018/19

Founder of Emage Style Creation & Emage Academy Sdn Bhd

(Dr) Evelyn Ch’ng is certified by Lynne Marks, the past president of Association Image

Consultants International (AICI) and the principal of London Image Institute. Besides, she was trained by the world top trainers including T Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard, Blair Singer, Joel Robert and many more to develop her holistic programme on confidence and image empowerment.

Since then, (Dr) Evelyn has established herself as one of the most sought-after confidence guru in Southeast Asia. From 2009 on-wards, Evelyn also started her Train the Trainer programme and has certified more than 100 graduates to venture into this industry.

Her media background as TV commercial producer, scriptwriter and the fashion editor of a top Taiwan-based magazine, Citta Bella, enabled her to accumulate vast experience in styling  up  international and local celebrities such as actress Christy Chung, Vicki Zhao, Amber Chia, TV host Elaine Daily, JojoStruys, Song Ailing and many more.

Besides working with celebrities, she has extensive experience inhelping businessowners or executives to transform their lives by power up their brand. They range from corporate CEOs, professionals, financial consultants, MLM leaders, E-commerce owners to housewives. Some of her corporate clients are Great Eastern, Public Mutual,  PNB Paribas,  Bangkok Bank,  Bank of China,  Zurich,  Cycle & Carriage,  Honda, Naza Wheels,  Amway,  Mary Kay,  Herbal Life, Shangri-la Hotel, Concorde,  Traders Hotel, Takaful , Petronas, Watsons; Sin Chew Daily, The Star,  NTV 7 and many more.

In 2009, (Dr) Evelyn published her first book, “The Power of Charm” to educate readers and to promote her brand more effectively. August 2019, she managed toself published her second book, “Empower your Brand” and launched it successfully to the market.

Her latest TV appearance is on Astro “All Girls Things” with Hong Kong TVB artists, NTV 7 “Women’s Zone”, and 8TV “Looking Good with Watsons “. She is also a regular guest on City Plus FM, AIFM to share her views on fashion, beauty & image branding. Besides, shehas beeninterviewed or contributing to Backstage magazine, China Press, Feminine, MRCA magazine, Up Magazine, Focus Malaysia,  Sin Chew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau and Red Tomato.

Since 2005, she has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Cambodia, Taipei, and Brunei.(Dr) Evelyn and her team has inspired and transformed the lives of more than 50,000 people, successfully branding some SME to be their product’s ambassador in the market.

She is a mother of 2 boys and besides her busy schedule, she actively participates as committee member of several NGO such as Malaysia Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association (MCWEA), Association Image Consultant International (AICI) and Malaysia Speaker Association (MSA) to conduct her social responsibilities and networking.

(Dr) Evelyn’s motto :“The Power of attraction and confidence is the key to


(Dr) Evelyn’s Mission: “To inspire and empower more people to have the confidence to achieve their dreams! “

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