Dr Tarun Dhir

Dr.Tarun Dhir hails from a family of ace bureaucrats of Punjab and is a dynamic entrepreneur with over 30 years of professional experience. As a visionary for empowering Rural India, Dr.Tarun is always looking for application oriented new-technologies to bridge-in socioeconomic development at grassroots. Having been driving business operations worldwide, he has a holistic view and a brawny understanding of business acumen, articulation of business needs product-line refinement etc.

Dr. Tarun Dhir was born in an affluent bureaucratic family and grew up in one of the most prosperous States of northern India – Punjab. He grew up in Punjab, a land of five rivers, known for its immortal love stories, having one of the most fertile soils in the world with generations of agriculturally prosperous community and a culturally blessed legacy of Saintly Sikh Gurus raising one of the finest breed of human race in the world. He has closely
witnessed the best and turbulent times of the State alike that has survived the aftermath of violence and opium abuse.

Having born to one of the most affluent couple of a father at the senior level in the Indian Administrative Services and a beauty pageant mother, Dr. Tarun’s family was one of the most admired, envied and the talk of the town. Being the only child, he had the privilege of growing with the inputs of family values & noble upbringing in the company of living in the environment of intellectuals and learning the wise talks in the period of his adolescence.
The main motive of earning livelihood for him was from the values of being self-reliant by working hard. Business was on his natural stride as he started business as part time from his college days when he was only 16 years old. Apparently it was destiny that prepared Dr. Tarun to meet a greater challenge when he reached college.

From door to door supply of eggs, video cassettes/video players on rent, working in a photo studio, fabric trading, supplying upholstery & dress materials in government departments, Ice Cream supplies to retailers etc. has been into various occupations with no God Father in business world. Dr. Tarun carried a legacy from his father late Shri. Dayanand Dhir who taught him to live a life full of self-respect.

Dr. Tarun Dhir is extremely passionate to ensure instituting sustainable livelihood models for youth. His first stint as a professional in the Textile sector was interning in the Textile Mills. While reflecting back to his school days during the summer vacations, Dr. Tarun Dhir was usually found in the textile mills under the guidance of his father who was Director of NTC (National Textile Corporation Ltd) & thereafter Chairman cum Managing Director of PUNTEX (The Punjab State Handloom Textile Corporation Ltd). In the process, he learnt the vocation
of making yarn. He has been modeling for brands & worked with various pioneers & living legends in the Textile Industry.

Dr. Dhir embraced the process involved in reviving sick industries in Textile Sector eventually & landmark achievement was in Patiala (Punjab) as Director Operations of sick NPA mill. He revived the said unit by reemploying the mill workers, made it profitable within a record time of 10 months.

Dr.Tarun’s initiative led him to be a part of Hindu-Sikh Peace Committee which helped in revoking the Presidents Rule in Punjab during the regime of the then Prime Minister of India, Late Shri. Chandra Shekar. Further his interest in human rights led him to be part of Human Rights organizations such as All India Council of Human Rights Liberty & Social Justice (AICHRLS) and thereafter pioneered in International Human Rights Observatory as a Trustee and Ambassador-in-Chief (World Operations). As a trustee of International Human Rights Observatory, involved into charitable activities and actively associated in upholding humanitarian issues by working towards sustainable socio-economic empowerment projects.

Senior customer experience leader harnessing extensive experience to develop & lead strategic customer care initiatives & planning for multi-year transformation. Demonstrate ability to direct activities related to the management of all initiative portfolios, project prioritization within customer care operations, integration for enterprise level projects & programs & successful initiative delivery.

Influential leader & mentor to skillfully manage talent selection deployment & development with an eye toward secession planning & the highest standards of professionalism. Partners with project sponsors & business owners with skilled resources to prepare project initiation, preliminary business cases & stake holder support Dr.Tarun is an associate member of ICCRC & RCIC as immigration consultant & is successfully providing services for meeting immigration needs & settlements in U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia & U.K.

Dr.Tarun is also Projects Director of Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce, Maharashtra, India for Trade and Commerce promotion across regions. Dr.Tarun has a Law Consultancy Firm as well in a joint venture with like minded senior Counsel of Supreme Court of India Lawyers on board from various states practicing in respective State High Courts & has taken the initiative to deliver legal services in the matters of Company Law, Civil & Criminal & especially in representing NRIs & Overseas Indians with regard to property, finance, family & marital disputes & due to his Immigration Consultancy for over a decade & his presence in India, Canada, U.K. & U.S.A it gives him the advantage to maintain good relations with clients at either ends.


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