Nadine CATHERINE- DELPY has studied in Mauritius and in France. She has a Superior Technician Degree in Food Science as well as a leadership Skills, Human Resources and Hotel Management Diploma.

After contributing to the growth and success of several five star hotels and two Relais & Chateau, during the past 15 years, Nadine CATHERINE is now the CEO of TASK Group which manage:

  • The TASK Consulting Limited – Education
  • NJ Concept & Design Limited – Architecture
  • TASK International Recruitment Services Limited – Recruitment
  • TASK Green Services Limited – Agricultural
  • Luxury Brand & Management Limited – Management company
  • Africa Luxury Products Limited – Exportation of Raw products

Nadine has received many recognised international Award like most influence women of Africa,  has been has also been Responsible of communication and internal development for Toques Blanche International Club, Jury for African Art Competition and is HACCP Consultant for several prestigious hotels on Mauritius, Ghana, Maldives and Zanzibar.

As evidenced in her enclosed resume, her experience encompasses the management of Food Science, Hotel Operations Management services as well as Public Marketing relationship.

Nadine has She has been travelling extensively for promotion and in the development in Hotel operations management field and has gathered a widespread international exposure as well as abroad general knowledge.

Nadine CATHERINE-DELPY embarked on the board of the National Women Entrepreneur Council as the President and on FEMCOM under COMESA as vice President for years. She is also the Advisors of the Queen Patron of Swaziland and Board members of World Women Entrepreneur Imbrio. Witness the progress made in this area, she thinks there is still to do, essentially, in developing a sustainable environment for the next generation.Everything goes through a viable and visionary agenda and it is a great opportunity to be able to be part of Africa Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Deputy Secretary General.

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