Melissa Chan

My journey started a long time ago. After SPM I didn’t continue with my studies as I was lost back then, did not know what am I supposed to do nor what am I good at. I was job hopping frequently as well because I did not know what I wanted.

During my employment years, I have made many mistakes. Due to this, I was met with plenty of criticism from both colleagues and superiors alike. Many times those words and comments cut deeply.

I was lucky enough to land a job as a Brand Executive, managing the exquisite perfume Annick Goutal. This is where I’ve met a boss cum mentor who really took the effort to nurture me. He took the initiatives, time, guided and explained what PR is all about.

Too bad, I was too naive to understand and value it. In the end, I did not appreciate nor take his advice seriously. I could not be bothered at that time because it is just another job.

My final employment was with a fitness company. As usual, I’ve made mistakes and I was told that I cannot get along with my colleagues and was not able to close sales whereas my role is Marketing and Publicity.

It was draining while I was employed with this fitness studio as I could not expand my knowledge and experiences.

However, I’ve got my light bulb moment when my superior said I was good in my PR and publicity. Finally, I took the courage to resign and started my entrepreneurship journey.

Fast forward, I’ve been running my small PR Firm for the past 8 years. Looking back, if it wasn’t for Ken Lim, the founder of Ken’s Apothecary, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am as a PR Advisor and a business owner.

Moreover, I stumbled upon public relations accidentally and I’ve gained my knowledge and experiences through my work. I’ve hit dead ends many times and made mistakes. But I preserved and kept on moving forward, taking tiny steps a day to improve and reach my goals.

In public relations, I am required to write a lot. Writing was never my strongest point, plus, I dreaded it.

During my employment years, everyone told me I could not write. My writing was horrible, sucks and more. Trying to be persistent but it was not enough because I’ve lost confidence in it.


Until one day, while watching one of the episodes from America Next Top Model, Kelly Cutrone said ‘You are not a PR if you can’t write.’ Her quote just struck me hard.

I cannot avoid writing anymore. And, I need to face my fears if I want to succeed in the PR industry.

Finally, I took up writing in my early entrepreneurship years. A blessing came from a dear friend of mine who was an ex-editor from Health & Beauty magazine to mentor me. She really took the time to guide me through the content I have written for my clients.

This made me dependent on her as I needed her to reassure me that my content was good to proceed. Until one day, she was not available as she was transferred overseas for work. Left hanging and no one to turn to, I just went for it.

Eventually, I’ve lost my first client for content writing. Feeling devastated and down, I told myself I need to keep going should I want to survive and build my business. It’s high time that I need to stop depending on anyone.

Soon enough, I took the courage to write some articles for a few digital channels and learn along the way. It was one of the best learning experiences! One of the best achievement I had was writing for The Star Online about professional and work related articles.

Writing is something I didn’t think I was good at. It became a passion over time as I was able to express my thoughts and feelings better.

A few years ago, one of my business acquaintances was sharing that business owners should be on LinkedIn. Curious about it, I went to investigate. Over time, I was sharing content on tips about PR and media.

I was shocked when I was named as one of MIA Top 100 LinkedIn Icons in Malaysia for 2019 and MIA Top 70 Raising Personalities in 2020. Have I thought of these in the first place? No. I could not even imagine I can write, let alone being awarded as one of the top icons and personalities because I was sharing my content online.

Moving forward, as a PR personnel, I need to understand the industry at my fingertips. This includes the media. As of now, the media industry in Malaysia is shrinking, especially the traditional print media. We have seen so many well-known magazines going off the shelves, and newspapers are stopping their printing copies.

With the rise of digitalisation, many new and individual digital channels are popping out like mushrooms. Traditional media are transitioning to digital as well if they want to sustain in today’s world.


However, I’ve noticed that there was a lack of a business, entrepreneur and lifestyle digital channel. There is a need for such a portal which leads me to create my own website that caters to solopreneurs, small and medium businesses to create awareness that they deserve.

Looking back, I am grateful that I’ve learned so much throughout my journey. Still, I am learning daily to further improve myself. Learning should not stop, as our lives are reminiscent of a marathon rather than a 100-meter sprint.

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