The 28 Signs You Are an Entrepreneur Material

The 28 Signs You Are an Entrepreneur Material.

You might be wondering if an entrepreneurship is right for you, there are increasingly more folks take the step into the unknown and are becoming entrepreneurs nowadays
Folks decided they don’t want to settle for the “Normal” jobs our educational systems prepare us for. Instead, they want to have full control over their life.
Folks, if you are reading this, you might have taken the first step on this business journey or considering taking that leap of faith that signs you are an entrepreneur material. You Might Be an Entrepreneur Even If You Don’t Feel You Are.
In whatever situation you are, I’ve collected some of the signs I have come across in other entrepreneurs and myself that seem to cut us out as entrepreneur material.

1. Your “WHY” is crystal clear

2. You are not in 9 am to 5 pm doesn’t make any sense to you

3. You are the hustler

4. You Love to solve problems

5. You treat your work as a holiday

6. You are willing to do sacrifices

7. Your take charge of things

8. You have no fear of taking risk

9. You like to take challenges

10. You are independent

11. You will ever thing getting retired

12. You always opposite of the education system

13. Your never stop learning

14. You like to read

15. You are an autonomous

16. You can work from anytime, anywhere at your own pace

17. You makes things happen, not see things happen nor wait things happen

18. You mingle with more elderly than yourself

19. You always hangout people smarter than you

20. You are resourcefulness

21. You learn from yours and others mistakes

22. You find everywhere is an opportunity

23. You are big dreamer

24. You embrace change

25. You love to get feedback and upgrade yourself

26. You love to have debates

27. You want to get connected with everyone

28. You are the one who like to Learn, UnLearn and ReLearn

I believe that; Sharing this list with someone who needs to see it. You might be the reason they start or you might be the reason they keep going. Sharing is caring and you play your bit.



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