Nimesh Sheravia

Nimesh Sheravia

Business Consultant l Traveller l Evangelist l Philanthropist l Humanitarian

Nimesh is a Visionary Consultant born and brought in Ahmedabad, India .A hard core professional in Business Process Management and scales up companies from ideation to transformation. An expert in meeting tight deadlines. Nimesh has been an influential personality who has always growth scaled an individual ‘s career through his efficiency in networking. Being an Influential person by nature, he has always persuaded others, expressed ideas in ways that lead others to share and agree with your perspective. He has also been instrumental in influencing others through his personal credibility. Nimesh believes that teamwork is the key to his success in executing projects that meet the organizational goals. His problem solving capabilities have won him lot of accolades.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Computer Application. Nimesh believed in being his own boss and chose to work on different domains rather than working under his educational specialization. This helped him gain experience in various sectors and as he evolved as an entrepreneur ,he realized what it takes to be a boss. So, he decided to create many youth CEOs. Just like giving an artistical structure to a plain clay, Nimesh has evangelized many of the start-ups through his entrepreneurial fairy stardust magic and transformed them into recognizable brands . He has made many of them look up to him with his abilities to structure a business through a sustainable business flowchart . Today,  Nimesh is considered as a Chief  Evangelist in growth scaling companies in various sectors. Having over 20 years of experience and clients across the globe , Nimesh still believes in the art of learning and considered himself as a learner

As the saying goes, Sharing is caring. Nimesh always recognized other talents and never missed a chance to give a word of appreciation and he also rewarded sales professionals for their individual and collective contributions. Nimesh firmly believes in the phrase ‘Being good is better than being great’. He believes that greatness comes from inside you. Hence, He has always believed in Ethical standards in Business. He has been instrumental in mobilizing and inspiring teams to work harder to present higher levels of productivity. Nimesh ‘s entrepreneurial journey has never been a cakewalk. Hard work along with smart work was Nimesh ‘s mantra to success. Today, Nimesh is a respectable personality who has gained the trust of many leading brands in the industrial fraternity. Today he is fondly called as ‘The Ambassador of Hard work and Kindness ‘ and ‘The Man with the Golden Aura’.

As the well known phrase says ‘ Live and let live ‘. Nimesh has maintained a standard in  industry and hence evangelizing the phrase ‘ Grow and Let others grow ‘ . Nimesh has nurtured many youths into individual entrepreneurs and several success stories to his credit. Nimesh is a visionary who created a foothold in the industry through hardwork and perseverance. He is a Self made man. Nimesh has nurtured not one but many futures. He has transformed many business driven youths into independent entrepreneurs.

Through the Environmental lens, Nimesh has also contributed to the nature by being part of environmental activities like Plantation, Seed Ball Activity, Ban of Plastic and various other activities to his credit.

As a Humanitarian , Nimesh has always been vocal about what he believes in. He firmly believes that Education is important for every child in the country and one needs to have nutritious food to excel in studies. Hence he always supported Education in children and contributed to Zero Hunger .


Some of Nimesh ‘s Achievements :

* Chairman in International Trade Council in Knowledge Chamber of Commerce (KCC)

* Panelist in Overseas Branding in webinars organized by KCC and supported by MOFPI under the Govt of India.

* Panelist for Export Opportunities for Food Processing Industries in Seminar on Mega Food Park and Food Processing Opportunities.


Philanthropic Works of Nimesh :

* Plantation drives in Bangalore for Smile & Conquer Foundation

* Seed Ball Activities and Education of Apiculture to promoter self-employment among Today Tribals through Siruvani Vizhudhugal Foundation

* Contributed to Blindman Association towards Braille Education

* Contributed towards helping Farmers be financially independent through Dhanyawad Foundation

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