Entrepreneurship is a journey, and it seems like everyone goes through it a little bit differently. Some move through the process fast, stumbling into success in a matter of weeks after executing a brilliant idea. Others move slowly, spending decades of their lives in perfecting the art and ambition.

Ultimately, my childhood foray into business planted the seeds for becoming entrepreneur years later. Like all good things in life, that seed started with a feeling. It drew me deeper into myself, asking big questions about who I am, what I truly wanted to do, and how I wanted to live in the world.The prime minister of India, Mr. Modi Ji, said “once we have decided to do something, then we can go miles ahead in achieving the objective imbibing a sense of confidence among the people “.


After a lot of hard work and dedication, I become one of the youngest CEO and founder of uni source inc which is a Global Business & Investment Consulting firm in India. I also play the role of mentor to many successful entrepreneurs. Today, Nix (Nixipt) J Raval, is a man of many talents and someone who adorns many hats.

His life is testament to breakthrough and accomplishment, never allowing societal norms and limitations to prevent his from achieving phenomenal and long lasting success. Today, Nix (Nixipt) J Raval, is a man of many talents and someone who adorns many hats.

His success list describeshis achievements that he has done for society, youth empowerment and motivated   them to to remove thought that deal in the parochialism. He emphasizes that  the acquiescence of empowering  any aspect of society can be seen as meaning creating an environments in which one can make decisions  and choice either individually or collectively  for social transformation .

I’m also involved in humanitarian platform and believe in bringing positive change to the World.  Following my journey, I’ve been appointed as advisor for commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club  UK.,advisor to the Executive Board BUSINESS GATE in Dubai, Adviser at Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Board Advisory of Asian African Chamber of Commerce &Industry and Good Government Affairs International – Sweden


I’m also partner at TJH HOLDINGS INC  in CANADA, Ko-In  Business Development in KOREA, A private office of H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan in United Arab Emirates, PETROLEUM ORBIT in Egypt, Ally Advisory Group, LLC in USA, SIMI Consulting in Mauritius.

It an immense pleasure to share my experience with you and I believe if you make your hobby your profession, you will always enjoy your work as a blessing.

We have to remember one thing that the only difference between possible and impossible is your mindset..!!Do not limit yourself and do not let other convince you that you are limited in what you can do. So never stop believing in you because you can achieve anything in life by setting up goal and pursue it.

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