Rob Ellingham

Rob Ellingham is the Founder of Client2Clinic and Unbroken Aura.

Rob is a respected leader and philanthropist with his experience spanning multiple industries: construction, hospitality, mining, military, IT, and business (aesthetics). He has transitioned successfully into entrepreneurship with a very keen eye for attention to detail which often translates to mass appeal. Prior to his two latest ventures Rob had built two successful businesses, one of which was awarded best new business enterprise.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Rob was an Army Sergeant in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) serving for 13 years, with deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan. Rob gained high level training and is experienced in military RADAR, Laserguided missiles, communications-based equipment,and drones during his time as a Detachment Commander and Troop Sergeant.

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his two boys, fishing, playing chess and golf. Volunteering also plays a big part in his life as a mentor, whilst actively supporting various social and environmental initiatives.

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