Gaurav Sharma


Most of us ask ourselves this question at one time or another in life.

Here, I’ll try to answer this question about myself, so that you can form an image of who I am.

I was brought up in a normal middle-class Business family in New Delhi, India. My first teachers in life were my father and mother. I always had a vision of becoming a Mechanical Engineer from an early age. I got admitted into an Engineering College, everything was going great, But during my final year of college, All of a sudden, My father’s business crashed and he went into coma, Although He recovered after a while, But I had to leave my Dream unfulfilled and come back home to take care of my family.

Though I’ve taken an unconventional path of becoming a “Motivational Speaker”, It’s the journey that has made all the difference.

During that time, I came to truly understand the value of hard work and was able to enter into conversations with great minds from diverse backgrounds. I was growing professionally and evolving personally. What I didn’t realise at the time, was that the lessons I was learning from my career working in an International call centre were not only grooming me for further corporate success; rather, they were preparing me for something far great.

I believe passion keeps a person motivated &people who follow it, will always find happiness & satisfaction in whatever they do!!

I believe passion is the juice that keeps us motivated & when people follows it, they will find happiness & satisfaction in every aspect of what they do!!

I believe that we each achieve our version of success by getting to know our inner selves & understanding what drives us!!

“That success is finding our purpose, & then designing a life that embraces it.”

I chose to take on great risks by leaving my career & becoming a “Motivational Speaker” because, after years of searching & self-discovery, I had finally found my purpose.

I came to realise that I wanted to lead a life fuelled by the desire to serve, to uplift & to empower people from all walks of life.

After spending close to a decade working in the education industry, I took the first step in the next leg of my journey by becoming a Certified Life & NLP Coach, Training Approved from “The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.” Moreover, I am also a Certified Parenting Coach, Career Coach, Mind Trainer, Social Activist & a Published Article Writer.

Since entering into a career as a Motivational Speaker, I have spoken with more than thousands of students & people—from all over the country and have been conferred and honoured with several International & Global Awards.

A God fearing family person, I am actively involved in various initiatives that support contributing and giving back to society, and finds the fulfilling feeling unparalleled.

“POSITIVE THOUGHTS” is my dream & I have started this platform which will work as a one-stop solution for the society, especially for students & parents & will work on the mission of “STRESS FREE EDUCATION&“STRESS FREE LIFE.”

According to me, If there has been a single habit that has served me well over my life, it’s been the dedication to growth. To remain curious & committed to learning daily, is my Mantra for excellence in your career, at work & happiness in life.

I remain open to learning more each day & cherish each new opportunity to share what I have learned so far: that our choices are more powerful than our circumstances, that our past should not dictate our future & that our experiences should not stifle our imagination.


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