Santosh Kumar Sharma

“If You Are Working on Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have to Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

The words by Steve Jobs are highly inspiring and sums up my life’s statement in a couple of lines. Aeroplanes are my passion and I really care about the aviation industry. This has not only made my entrepreneur journey a pleasurable one, but also pulls me towards new ideas and innovations to make Indian private jet industry the best in the world.

Ever since I have co-founded Foresee Aviation in 2009, my life has become filled with purpose and meaning. It is not about individual growth or the corporate expansion, but the growth of the entire private jet industry in India and seeing it at an elevated level, yet within the budget of the common man. Every day of my work brings in a new adventure that has its own set of challenges and perks. The passion for the industry lets me enjoy the challenges and I feel invigorated by them, while the perks come in the form of recognitions and rewards and act as re-enforcements of the fact that I am living the life of my dreams. I find myself staying late at night, thinking of new ways to bring a change in the aviation industry and still in the morning, I am infused with high amount of energy and rushing head-on into the tasks that make Foresee Aviations the top professional private jet and helicopter aggregator in India. We have served several national and international clients and have bagged prestigious awards like ‘Best Air Charter company in North India’ (by DDPL), ‘India Best 5000 MSME Award’ (for outstanding contribution to the general aviation industry), and ‘UP Brand Leadership Award 2019’, The CEO Story 10 Most Admired Companies to Watch Out for in 2019, 50 Fabulous Innovative Leaders Award in 2020& many more.

I lacked this thrill in my younger days, when I was still ignorant of my life’s calling and drifted from one job to another, earning good money, but feeling discontentment and boredom. Then, in September 2005, I joined Club One Air in the capacity of a Sales Manager and for the first time found myself really excited and motivated by my profession. This motivation allowed me to climb up the hierarchy ladder and get promoted to the post of head (sales and marketing department) in just seven months’ time. However, the lack of system and organization in the industry appalled me, forcing me to co-found Foresee Aviation with a vision to provide superior and streamlined services to the customers. The earlier years of work came handy because, I had developed a huge client base with whom I had engaged in lasting relationships. People hired my private jet charters because they trusted my services and later, they were bowled over by the entire flying experiences. The stellar service, the attention to details, and the high safety measures ensured complete customer satisfaction and while people first chose Foresee Aviations due to trust and relationship factor, they repeated the service for the experiences it gave them.

I believe that journeys are as important as destinations and ensure to give each and every customer a feeling of royalty. The best reward for our team is the satisfied and delighted look on the customer’s faces, the other rewards from external agencies just motivate us to enhance and improve our efforts and reach greater number of people to fulfil their dreams of chartered flight journeys.

One realization of the effort has come in the form of “Book My Jet”. With this soon-to-be-launched app, we have entered into a new era of digitization and disruption. “Book My Jet” is the single national-level platform for private jet booking that allows you convenient, easy, and transparent booking service at your fingertips. The best thing about the app is its affordability. You can easily book a private jet or helicopter of your choice at a price that fits your budget.

The app is currently undergoing extensive tests and would be launched very shorlty. The launch of this app is a strategic step in the Indian Private Jet Industry that opens up the doors of luxury aircrafts to a wider range of travellers.

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