Irfan Karamat Ali

I started my Entrepreneurial journey with Netfax, technology saving 90% of people’s cost. I travelled to Dubai and Saudi Arabia to install Netfax and I was successful to put my first server in Al-Khozamah Hotel in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I had my assistant Sheraz who was young and passionate sales manager who was a great supporter for me. I had Joseph Nour in Canada who trained me well and gave me energy and power to continue.

I learned many lessons along my entrepreneurial journey. First was to

Hire new sales team for Netfax. I always loved women as part of my sales team. I had Khulood who did a great job for me.

Second, after many years and looking for new opportunities, I started working for World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) as International Partner for Bahrain. I had thousands of Senators, High Commissioners and International Partners as part of WhatsApp group. We used to talk to each other and we used to share project and investments and we all helped each other to become better Entrepreneurs.

Third, I joined Aesthetics International and I had prestigious position as a Brand Ambassador. I learnt new ways of promoting their brand as smart Entrepreneur. I find myself having more value and I started promoting their brand. I also signed partnership contract with one Women Entrepreneur Club having thousands of women Entrepreneurs as members.

Fourth, I was approached by His Excellency Mr.Houmard to join The Global Union. He gave a role of GU Ambassador of Bahrain and later upgraded me to the position of President of All GU Ambassadors. I had my greatest achievement to hire and fire fourteen GU Ambassadors covering more than 100 countries. They all loved me and they were sending me their bio data with their pictures. I learnt new ways of being an Entrepreneur and a diplomat.

Fifth, I started Women Empowerment Club in Bahrain inspired by a Pakistani Humanitarian named Nusrat Haris. I had my first webinar for Women Empowerment Club with three speakers. Sawsan Al Husseini impressed me the most. She is the owner of SH Consultancy in Bahrain. She signed partnership contract with me for our next webinar. She is also helping Women Empowerment Club to hold Energy Healing sessions and I have the best time to advance my Entrepreneurial skills worth her because she opened new doors of Entrepreneurship that were never opened before.

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